A-Champ: Child Healthcare


In order for children to be able to develop, they need a dedicated and competent accompaniment in their family and environment. With our online service, we would like to support parents in ensuring that children can develop healthily.

Please note: The information and suggestions on this Internet portal can in no way replace a personal consultation with a doctor.

On a-champ.org we offer information, helpful recommendations and tips:

  • to everyday topics such as nutrition, sleeping, playing or media,
  • on health issues such as common childhood diseases, accident prevention, vaccination, screening, allergies, passive smoking, dental health,
  • on the individual development areas with the most important development steps of the first six years of life,
  • on questions of health and development promotion and support for child development problems.

Specialists and institutions in the health system, early education and child and youth welfare help young families and support children in their development. For them, the online portal offers further practical materials and background information for their work with parents and children.

Professionally sound and advertising-free

All information of our online offer is professionally secured and free of commercial interests. The contents are regularly checked, updated and supplemented in exchange with experts from science and practice. The statements are based on scientific studies, on the results of conferences of paediatric and other specialist societies and on the evaluation of specialist literature.